We control the quality of your electronic boards dedicated to demanding applications (aeronautics, railway, naval, energy, heavy industry). We assess their compliance with the criteria of IPC-A-610 standard : class 2, class 3 or custom.

Our IPC-A-610 inspections and controls mostly rely of the overall aspect of your PCBA and especially on the integrity of the solder joints. The protocol of IPC-A-610 is established in 2 steps :

Applicable issue : IPC-A-610G, Revision G (Otcober 2017)

Visual inspection

Wetting issue

Crack in the solder joint

Bad alignment & cleanliness issue

X-ray radiography

Filling of Through-Hole Vias

2D void ratio

Complementary ELEMCA services

Bare circuit board : IPC-A-600

Connectors : IPC-A-620

Space applications (PCBA) : ECSS-Q-ST-70-38C