In order to better serve our remote customers, all around France and Europe, we have enabled 2 new digital features gathered in our Connected Lab. They are free and you may enable them separately or simultaneously:

Technical screen sharing

Aim: provide real-time collaboration between your specialists and our engineers.

Analytical techniques available: 100% of the Electron Microscopy division (SEM – scanning; STEM / TEM - transmission).

Process: via our secure videoconference platform, you can see the ELEMCA technical screen live (video stream) and talk to our technical specialist (audio stream).

Your advantage: you follow all our observations, live and co-pilot your investigations (eg. local EDS spectrum, zoom on any area of interest).

Quick access to results

Aim: instant access to your measurement results

Services concerned: on request + 100% of ECSS verification campaigns (microsections + optical inspections based on ESA criteria)

Process: we save your results as soon as they are obtained on our analysis equipment. These data are uploaded at each step on a folder dedicated to your campaign, with remote, private, secure and instantaneous access.