Our equipment dedicated to multiphysical characterization address various needs, on an extended thermal range [-150°C ; +500°C / CTE : + 1500°C ] :

We perform these multiphysical analyses on many kind of materials: polymers, eg potting (circuit board) or molding resin (components), PCB, tropicalization varnishes and also semiconductors, metal or ceramic parts.

Thermal analyses

CTE / Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (TMA or dilatometry)

Viscoelasticity / complex Young modulus E* (DMA)

Tg / Temperature of Glass transition (DSC)

Kinetic of reticulation (DSC)


Outgassing of volatile compound at ambient pressure (ATG)

Outgassing under thermal vacuum; ECSS-Q-70-02 protocol and criteria (TML, RML, WVR, CVCM)

Measurement of sorption / desorption (DVS)

Mechanical characterization of locale properties & thin film

Microtensile test on self-standing thin layers (~1µm thick) or submillimetric wires

Nanoindentation: Berkovich hardness + Young modulus

Static mechanical tests

Universal testing machine, at steady temperature [-80°C ; + 250°C] :

Uniaxial tensile test

3 points bending

Shear test

Option (flexible or complex samples): digital image stereo-correlation

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