Our facilities include the CNES equipment shared with ELEMCA and our own means. These cumulated installations exceed 1500m2 and 50+ advanced equipment: 2 X-Ray CT, 4 SEM-EDS, 3 FIB. All of them operated directly by our engineer and technician staff.

Key equipments ; New 2024 ; Out-sourcing (*) : subcontracted to our partners (Toulouse or France)

NDT / Non Destructive Test & defect localization

X-ray : 2D radiography, 3D computed tomography, laminography

LIT / Lock-in IR Thermography

PHEMOS, OBIRCH, IR confocal microscopy

CSAM / C-Scanning Acoustic Microscopy*

Sample preparation

FIB plasma Xenon, FIB Gallium

Acid, laser, micro-drilling

Parallel or transverse polissing (bare die or in resin molding)

Ionic cross-polisher

Saw cutting (cross-cut, diamond-wire)

Optical / electronical imaging & surface analysis

TEM*, STEM + EDS detector

SEM (modes : FEG, low vacuum, BSE, ASB) + EDS, EBSD detectors

Binoculars, optical microscopes

Optical profilometry (confocal, interferometry)

AFM - Atomic Force Microscopy

Elementary chemical analysis

EDX detectors (SEM-coupled)

X-ray fluorescence (XRF)

IR spectrometry (FT-IR)

Metallurgical / microstructural analysis

EBSD detector (SEM-coupled)

Revelation + optical inspection

Thermal characterization [-150°C ; +500°C]

Dilatometry / TMA [Max + 950°C]

DMA: viscoelasticity = f (T°)

DSC: Tg / Temperature of Glass transition

ATG: degradation temperature of polymers

Outgassing TML/CVCM/RML

Material electrical characterization

Electrometer, pico-ammeter (σ, ρ)

Electrical tests at wafer / package / board-levels

Component tester : passive, active, power

LIA / Lock-In Amplifier (DC-200MHz)

Parametric analyzers (DC-1GHz)

Data acquisition equipment

ESD testing (HBM, MM)

Electronic package evaluation

Wire pull, ball shear, die shear

Hermeticity : fine & gross leak

Solderability : wetting balance*

Mechanical characterization

Nanoindentation test (Berkovich hardness) ; Vickers hardness

Universal testing machines [-80°C; + 250°C] + contact-less extensometer

Accelerated aging tests

Thermal vacuum [-180°C; +200°C ] / partial pressure down to vaccum <10-5 mbar]

Climatic [+ 95°C / 95%HR]

Thermal cycling [-180°C ; + 300°C], Thermal shocks [-80°C ; +220°C]

+ power supply [DC-1GHz]

Shocks* / vibrations*