We use our X-ray radiography and IR thermal imaging equipment to answer your various needs :

We lead these non-destructive analyses on electronic components (MEMS, sensors, passive, discrete, electromechanics), printed circuit boards (bare, assembled, molded) and connectors.

X-ray Computed tomography (RX 2D/3D)

Crack detection (X-ray 2D radiography)

Volume reconstruction (computed tomography)

Virtual slicing (CT ultra high resolution)

Laminography (high resolution xy)

Lock-in IR Thermography / LIT

IR thermal mapping : static mode (PCBA overall heatness) ; dynamic "LIT" mode (tiny hot spots localization)

Detection of leakage current (LIT)

Accurate temperature measurement (LIT)


IR confocale microscopy : through Silicon inspection (eg. unetched sacrificial SiO2 layer)

OBIRCH : Optical Beam (LASER) Induced Resistance Change

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